Feb. 3rd, 2017 07:37 pm
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On the plus side, and this a big plus, it's the weekend! No work/

On the negative, I am out of Turkish Delight.
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Luna's hair is often described as dirty blonde. But does she have 'dirty blonde' hair, or dirty 'blonde hair'? ie) blonde hair that is unclean or hair that is a dirty blonde colour.

I'd thought the former and seen it at least one fic, where Harry cleans it for her. But recently it occured to me that dirty blonde is description people do use for hair colour. So *shrug*
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I am eating a Lemon Sherbert right now. This is important information you need to know.

Also standard complaint about not being able to write despite a cool write anything you like event coming up.
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As TV Tropes would have it the Ten Minute Retirement, where the main character decides they will no longer do what the series is about. No heroics for them. And of course it usually ends with them getting back in the saddle by the end of the episode and hero0ing up. Which means their previous hestiancy was just a big ol' waste of the watchers time.

I remember being especially annoyed with this mid-Series 7 of Doctor Who, it didn't help that his impetus for his retirement was the loss of his companions, Amy and Rory, in an equally horribly contrived episode.

But mostly this post is brought to you by Walter White who has started and stopped cooking meth at least three or four times by episode 2 of season 3.
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Yes, folks I am still alive. And today It suddenly became boiling hot here this afternoon. In fact, I don't remember us getting much in the way of winter. Some rain yes, hail on one occasion but nothing really severely wintery.

And now it seems to be going hot again. Yay climate change?
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So I'm going home for the weekend, so I want to get the train and underestimate the time it'll take me to get to the station from my new house. (okay i did it 10 minutes which is what i thought more or less, but i didn't give myself as much leeway)

No problem anyway the train has been delayed for 40 minutes because of animals on the track, oh and it doesn't stop at the station i want to go to any more for some reason. woo!

so i have to wait for the next one which is an hour later. Lucky my new house is close enough i can walk back to it in the mean time and write this to y'all.

and the other thing: the weather will just not make up its freakin mind at them om ent. this morning i was feeling too cold on my way to work in just shirt + coat. so to walk to the station i got t-shirt + light jumper + coat and bam sun comes out and i'm frying.
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So a reminder. I currently lodge in a house with a young couple. Good stuff, get a shelf of the fridge and everything.

The fridge which is currently holding steady at 8 degree C temperature instead of 3.

This is third time this has happened. They finally got the messsage and are going to go fridge shopping for a new one. So its not a huge deal but still I just got myself extra cheese to enjoy last week.

So all in all feeling rather mopey at the moment.
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Your result for The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test...

Remus Lupin

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Well that's interesting. Apparently I identifiy most with Remus Lupin. I guess I'm look for a Tonksian gal?

ps, as ever the new interface is worse than the old. lol.  
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ruining our british heritage with your action movies and celebrity culture amd...

delicious oreo biscuits that go oh so well with milk.

i may have to put this packet away before they all get eaten in about 10 seconds flat.  


Aug. 6th, 2012 11:14 am
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so at work. feeling hungry. go to vending machine, have to get two chocolate bars because the first one didn't actually fall to the bottom.

eat chocolate. feel more hungry.

life is hard.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 08:36 am
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OK really trivial RL Livejournal post incoming. You have been warned.
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