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First and most importantly, [community profile] firewhiskeyfic has the fics that were written last week up as well as the voting post. Read up and vote! (if you like)

Now we get to the old familiar tune part: Why Can't I write decent length fic anymore? I can do drabbles and PWP but proper fic, fic. Nada nothing.

I though signing up for rarefest with an own prompt and a pairing was a good idea. Now I want to get it done for the end of the month to clear my board [community profile] hp_may_madness and [community profile] hphet and nothing, not a blessed thing.

How do people come up with plots? I mean how?
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Since het is 99% of my output and feels under-represented in fandom... (disclaimer. Yes this is because it's mainstream in real life and yes femmeslash has it worse. not trying to bash anyone/anyship here.)

...I'm going to do my very best for this fest and I hope y'all consider taking part as well:

[community profile] hphet hphet
presents the first ever mini fest!
details! )
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Much goodwill and happiness to everyone today! Hope you're having a great time with friends and family.

As if to celebrate my gift at [ profile] smutty_claus went up today! And someone had definitely read my 'likes' post XD

It's here and it's Harry/Tonks femdom. The best kind of gift!
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Well I finally got my SC piece in you'll be happy to know. And all the manifold December fests are starting to post.

This is where I traditionally accidentally wind down my writing for like, the rest of winter and only start going again once [ profile] hp_may_madness starts up. But I hope not this time. I'll keep trying to write drabbles for [ profile] harry100 and [ profile] hp_nextgen100 (though I owe both of the latest prompts response atm) And I might pick up a pinch hit at [ profile] mini_fest if I find something I like.

In the category of things I've said before and will say again; I like my drabbles and shortfic but am really envious of those than can write longer chaptered fic. Still trying to figure out any ideas for a longer fic though.

What say you f-list? What are you up to? Is there new things you want to try? Are there new things I should try?
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[ profile] hp_nextgen_fest, [ profile] interhouse_fest & [ profile] hp_halloween are all posting. Hp-Halloween especially posts everything today. As it is, in fact, halloween.

One down!

Oct. 19th, 2016 11:15 pm
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Aside from beta and editing. I have finished a fest fic today! W00t!

Only Hp-halloween and smutty-claus to go.-___-
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Happy September all! (Already!) The first was quite busy, taking part in Bring Back The Porn [Masterlist] and Signed up for [ profile] smutty_claus [Sign up post Take a look!]

Now I need to settle down and work in my [ profile] interhouse_fest fic and get a good chunk down before SC assignments come out Speaking of which if anyone who is not taking part in IHF wants to idea bounce or beta it, I'd be grateful.

Sign up!

Sep. 1st, 2016 03:04 pm
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For the first time ever my [ profile] smutty_claus was not marked as spam! \0/

And BBTP is today!


Aug. 9th, 2016 11:22 am
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[ profile] smutty_claus will be running this year! Yay!

Time to pull out my old sign up for revision and think wintery thoughts.


Aug. 3rd, 2016 10:08 pm
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At cost of great mental anguish and effort I have defeated my writer's block to the extent of almost 400 words for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles!!!!!!!!!

There's a special event going on at Humpdrabbles, they prompt Hogwarts locations each week to drabble about and they will turn the results into a big fic of snape and mcgonagell repeatedly walking on people and ruining their fun!

Should be good for a laugh if anyone would like to take part.


Aug. 1st, 2016 07:47 pm
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Happy August everyone! Some pointers.

All fests I've prompted for but  not written for. :( I fail at being prompted, lol.
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the sort of thing I really should be able to think of prompts for...
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A fest like [ profile] hprarefest puts a mod post up that says stuff like 'there's still time', I always thing 'ooh! I could totally do that' and wander over to the prompt posts and then never do anything about.

Weird because basically 90% of what I write is rare pairs. And wrote a flashfic in 24 hours last month. So It'd totally be possible. Of course I did that in the highest state of panic.

I feel like Wand in a knot was the last original idea I had I wanted to write but I imagine that'll pass.

IDEK what I'm saying here.
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I'd say 'everyone loves rarepairs' but that seems a contradiction in terms. Lots of people love different rare pairs from each other!

Anyway Rarefest 2016 at [ profile] hprarefest is currently collecting prompts. I don't know if they've not got any yet or are screening them but either way take a look and drop some ideas!

eta: Post wasn't screen. Prompt count has exploded. w00t!
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest! I forgot this was coming.

Prompt Post is here 7 prompts max and only until the 3rd to post them.

So show off your kinky side! XD I shall be keeping an eye on the prompts for inspiration.

ETA: Pretty Banner! )
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It's been a mixed week. Mostly I've been procrastinating on and then writing fic. For SC and then for Blowjob Friday. I've been losing sleep since apparently I write best at 1am or something. My beta would probably disagree given the state of the fic produced. So early nights are in order I think.
Also... )


Nov. 5th, 2015 08:43 pm
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I am in such a grumpy mood today and I don't even know why.

ON the plus side, my holidays were approved today. So I have every remaining monday off this month plus Blowjob Friday

Woo! Long weekends, and hopefully writing time.
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Well I did it. Barring any more postings, I've read all off [ profile] hp_halloween and commented. Let's just say this involved reading much more drarry. snape/remus and plain old snape than I ever expected to. All very good writing though.

Of Special note:
A Knight In Khaki Armour that [ profile] leigh_adams wrote for me. Wherein Neville is a gentleman to Pansy's Chagrin.


Blind Man's bluff which is Seamus/Padma that I wrote for Leigh.


And in other Halloweeny news: [ profile] torino10154 who puts up with my mad whims for charity wrote me Al/Roxy!! She wrote me Al/Roxy!! And it's marvelous and it's here!

I hope you enjoy them as much I have.
lightofdaye: (panic) to go.

I got my submission in for [ profile] hp_halloween in today and an email from [ profile] smutty_claus saying it's a month until deadline.

Yeah I should try writing that some time soon. Or writing an outline. Or coming up with a better idea...`
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I signed up for another exchange. Only a tinsy one though: [ profile] hp_halloween

Two weeks to create 200 words (no more, no less) should be doable, right?



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