Mar. 9th, 2017

Slow Month

Mar. 9th, 2017 10:33 pm
lightofdaye: (General Chang)
It's been like a week since I harassled y'all.

  • Work is stress. I shall never drink this client's products. Even if drank anyway.

  • Just finished reading [ profile] ely_baby's epic length fic: Ask Lavender, which draws the sexuel tension out for 35 chapter while also having them bang! It's a masterpeice you should totally check out.

  • I've been failing to write for [ profile] hp_nextgen100 which sad but any nextgen ideas I have I feel like I should save for the fest peice I'm not managed to start either.

  • I'm trying and failing to write for Humpfest at [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles as well.

  • Anywhere but a bed. is also running! Another thing to fail to write for! But a very fun, semi-public sex centred fest!

  • I saw Logan (the lastest wolverine/x-men fim) with work at the start of the week. It's a well done, well performed film by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart but hella dark, violent and grim.

My fandom email went a bit screwy today. It said it had like four emails for me to read but when I went into the inbox, nada. I got a bit paranoid and changed the password in case it had been hacked. (Though i later realised you can check the login locations and there was nothing weird) so if anyone got any  spam from me... sorry!

Hope everyone's well, LJ seems so quiet at the moment. 


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