And again.

Dec. 10th, 2016 09:40 pm
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Trying to write. Not getting very far with it.

Hah! Done. Why can I only write in the early morning?
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Well I finally got my SC piece in you'll be happy to know. And all the manifold December fests are starting to post.

This is where I traditionally accidentally wind down my writing for like, the rest of winter and only start going again once [ profile] hp_may_madness starts up. But I hope not this time. I'll keep trying to write drabbles for [ profile] harry100 and [ profile] hp_nextgen100 (though I owe both of the latest prompts response atm) And I might pick up a pinch hit at [ profile] mini_fest if I find something I like.

In the category of things I've said before and will say again; I like my drabbles and shortfic but am really envious of those than can write longer chaptered fic. Still trying to figure out any ideas for a longer fic though.

What say you f-list? What are you up to? Is there new things you want to try? Are there new things I should try?


Nov. 19th, 2016 02:33 pm
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So in an attempt to use up the holidays like I've been failing too all year I'm taking next week off. (And even now I'll be carrying the max of three days over to next year)

I think any one who's read my journal will know what I need to do with the time off. Whether I will or not remains to be seen ;P

And early New Year's Resolution. Learn how to take a proper holiday!


Aug. 3rd, 2016 10:08 pm
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At cost of great mental anguish and effort I have defeated my writer's block to the extent of almost 400 words for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles!!!!!!!!!

There's a special event going on at Humpdrabbles, they prompt Hogwarts locations each week to drabble about and they will turn the results into a big fic of snape and mcgonagell repeatedly walking on people and ruining their fun!

Should be good for a laugh if anyone would like to take part.
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Okay, I swapped old ideas and I reserve the right to change my mind again. Still more importantly. What gets capitalised when? Do JKR's fictional words get capitalised? Auror? Muggle? Quidditch Stadium? Spells?

/too lazy to find a book.
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So I checked out my fic tag today. Nothing I've written this year has hit 2k words, aside from one fest fic. Don't get met wrong. I like my flash fic and drabbles, they are compact efficient stories. Often they have cool imagery or phrasing or 'twists' I like.

But I have so forgotten how to do. plotting. Or build ups. Or dialogue. Or.... anything for a longer fic. Which is worrisome because I'm committed to writing one.
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So I've been meaning to write one of those likes/dislikes, headcanony posts. So my SC recipient or any one else writing for me has a better idea of what I like. And I can't write a blessed thing.

You find Daye in philosophical mood tonight. )


May. 30th, 2014 03:34 pm
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Ever work on anything for ages and ages, and feel like you've done a lot only to realise you word count is actually pitiful?

Stupid fiction writing.
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So as I mentioned in my 2013 Retrospective. A lot of what I wrote last year was drabbles and flash fic. The longest I think was Smutty claus fic at about 6K and I think in the end alot of my work follows the same basic formula. Simple set up > banging > punchline denouncement. And in the case of drabbles a lot of the first and last bits go by the board. Even the longer fics, the result is mainly longer set up. but still of the simple 'x likes y and finds out y likes x too and bedtime ensues'.

Now I have done longer fic before. 16K of it for my first smutty claus way back in 2011. And even ongoing fics. Though they were more or less the same formula repeated for each chapter.

I did have a point when I started writing this, I am sure. Anyway, I have seen other people in the friends list come up with 12K or 20K pieces for things were i would end up with maybe 1 or 3. So I'm just wondering however to people manage it? Does it take a lot of planning? How does one

Especially I was thinking of UST and slow burning use of it. (for no particular reason, [ profile] tamlane) how does one right a long fic with UST without action happening? I mean on one level that sounds like my formula but with drawn out lead to up to when a pair actually does it. But I guess what I wonder is how to make it interesting? How does writing longer fic even work? I seem to forgetton.

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oh [ profile] fortheloveofhp, extension or no, I've pretty much got to get this written today.

So why is it like pulling teeth? I'm supposed to like this pairing dammit. I'm supposed to like writing.

It's done! Or with the beta at least. No more fests.


May. 31st, 2013 10:39 pm
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So typing up some stuff I wrote on the train last week and five and a half pages in my notepad comes to... one and quarter pages in words.


Writings is sometimes hard.


Apr. 12th, 2013 11:55 am
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I've not whinged like this since.... the last time I said I'd write something big for a fest. Yay!

It's month to go till the deadline for [ profile] hprarefest arrives and I have... very little written. I self-prompted and I actually had an idea of what I was going to write at the start of the thing but then I got distract writing for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles's humpfest and now I'm trying to get back to rarefest and I'm just not enthusiastic about it at all. Eh.

Basically, as its been pointed out I have three option;
1) Force myself to write anyway
2) drop out
3) procrastinate some more.

Always take the third option, friends.
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Sequels are tricky everyone knows that. Mostly people think of them in terms of films I guess and 'a sequel better than the original' is a rare and highly sort of accolade. And everyone can think of goddawful film sequels that rather they couldn't' Spider-Man 3/X-Men 3/Highlander 2 etc.

Why do I bring this up? Well I kinda, sorta, talked about a sequel to my veela fic with [ profile] tamlane, who being entirely to blame for that fic the first place was of course very enthusiastic about the idea.Especially when I mentioned the idea I had of making it m/f/f. Then I tried to sit down to do some writing yesterday and... got nowhere. Though this isn't new for me, lol, especially for threesome fics. I have at least a couple of threesome fics I attempted for [ profile] asoiafkinkmemeon my harddrive that got like a paragraph in before grinding to a halt

. So anyway, as anyone attempted sequels to their fics? How did that go? How did you keep it both fresh and consistent with previous fics? And the other thing, how many plot bunnies do you get that never go anywhere?

edit: Some HP plot bunnies i have that yet to make it out of my head.

bunnies )
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So I ended up claiming my own prompt for [ profile] hp_kinkfest (facepalm, why?) when no one else did. So I'm on the hook for writing something where Harry or James II get seduced by their boss. I'm leaning towards a Harry/Tonks Auror office type thing. But I also like the idea of writing a super-cocky arrogant James II, who despite talking the talk is a virgin till his quidditch Captain takes him in hand. But that of course requires inventing an original character to be said captain.  Either way pwp porn I guess.

Then I ended up watching [ profile] quibbler_report and from there checking out the het prompts for [ profile] hp_getlucky and saw lots and lots of Harry/Susan prompts and I'm so tempted to claim one of those as well.

But given my propensity for total procrastination. I'm thinking more fests are a bad idea. Then again I don't seem to be coming  up with my own ideas to write at the moment and I at least want to try to write. 

Poor Ron...

Nov. 8th, 2012 10:35 pm
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I like Ron Weasley. I don't really get the fandom hate for him. And I think the later books and the movies did him a great disservice by emphasising his role as comic relief. In later books he never gets a chance to shine, like he does in Prisoner of Azkaban. Where he stands on a broken leg to get between Harry and Sirius (when they still though Sirius was an evil mass murderer) and if he does something good. like excel at keeping or rally the group's horcrux hunt it happens entirely off page or is glossed over in a couple of paragraphs.

On the other hand... gosh darn is it easy to write him into the role of the guy asking questions for exposition and have be jealous for conflict and so forth. I keep falling into using him that way instead of doing better for him.

Yes this is a covert [ profile] smutty_claus post. And its coming along. I did lots today. And by lots i mean, I typed out the stuff I wrote in my notebook last weekend. Still, I'm still feeling upbeat about this one.
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The same thing we do every weekend! Totally fail to get any writing done.

Got my prompt for [ profile] smutty_claus once again the mods managed to give me a prompt I hadn't even considered that they'd give me. But I hope to muddle through somehow. (i hope saying this doesn't break the keep it secrets rule. lol.)

Of course, [ profile] harryhetbigbang also needs doing, and even with an extra month of writing time. It's going to take some doing.
I keep wondering whether i should carry on with what I've got or try something new.

On the plus side doctor pepper has finally been offer at both my local supermarkets. six bottles on my shelf should provided inspiration
for some time to come
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Monday is a bank holiday. So three day weekend. Ok 2 and half days left now...

So writing. Got to get on with it. Write something. Anything.

Need some inspiration. lol.  
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But the question is where. Where has this weekend gone? I'm sure I meant to do some writing. Kinkmeme writing at the very least if not the stuff for [ profile] harryhetbigbang whose first deadline edges ever nearer.

Instead nada.It's not like i've done nothing. I went around the town centre looking for birthday gifts for a friend. I couldn't find anything new or original gift. So... choccys from the supermarket it is. (nice expensive-ish choccys mind you) And for myself i got a new book, Post Captain By Patrick O'Brien. and I watched a couple of episodes of DS9

And today I did my weekly food shopping and watched Gran Torino on dvd. So I know where the weekend went. I just don't know how no writing got done.

[ profile] hp_darkfest sign-ups are weird. Apparently there are only mod picked image and quote prompts. Which is sad because I had a couple of prompts I might liked to have donated. I guess I could write them myself but I'm not really a dark writer and i'm not sure I want another fest anyway.

But it looks like i won't have to worry about [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme distracting me anymore. They're running a two day round this weekend and then shutting down for a couple of months. Still I seem to be totally out-of-sync with the people prompting at the moment anyway.

eta a random question: How do people and the show for that matter pronounce the name Margaery, as in Tyrell. In my head I'd always assumed a hard 'G' like Marr-Gory. But recently i realised its probably just a fantsyish spelling of the name Marjorie.
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Stuff I Should be doing now:
  •  [ profile] harryhetbigbang :- Currently attempting a harry/susan piece for this. Unless I come up with something better. Still have 9,200/10,000 words to go. Its annoying because for the kinkmeme, i can bang out a 4-6 thousand word piece without really thinking it'll be a long piece but settling down to try to write a 10,000 story is different.
  • [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme :- Sort of promised to right a Robb/Margaery/Jon threesome for [ profile] purplean after some encouragement from [ profile] luna_plath  just a note luna, not going to be as well characterised a threesome as that one i wrote last year. Pretty much going for straight up porn with it.

Stuff I should be doing/want to do in the future:-
  • [ profile] smutty_claus :- my first LJ fest that I did last year. I remember feeling stressed and worked up about it at the time but  I re-read the fic I wrote for it while looking for ideas for the smut of my bran/meera fic and I realised: I actually still really like what I wrote for it. Definitely hoping to get in again this year;
  • It's Not Just Sex, a supposedly ongoing fic i have on AFF, its a sequel to the very first fic i put online so I feel honour bond to finish it. It's a re-write of Deathly Hallows featuring Harry/Pansy and its actually quite near the end. of the book. Unfortunately wraooed it up involves the aftermath of the malfoy manor, the gringotts job and the battle of hogwarts. which is a good three or four plotty sexless chapters. Of course its been dormant so long I probably don't have many readers left to lose on it

eta: that section for the hhbb. which mysteriously vanished when i first posted this.
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Just been thinking about inspiration a lot, recently. And how weird it is.

Owing to the fact that i really should be doing more academic work than fanfic writing, I stuck both my on-goings 'on-haitus.' and since then ideas have been occurring to me much more frequently. Could just be my normal method of procrastination and getting away from the research proposal module. I did a taught MSc in part because I didn't want to do research.

So any way, for the moment ideas are popping in my head for Harry paired with any girl you can imagine. Ok that's not true. I draw the line at umbridge or aunt petunia or McGonagell or someone.

But Daphne Greengrass (obviously since I'm writing that one in Dribs n drabs) ,Susan Bones, Astoria Malfoy, Narcissa, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson. Sure. Of Cause most of those are going nowhere. But still.

I'm getting off topic. I'm just wondering where everyone gets their ideas from. I think I have a nasty habit of reading other peoples fics and then nicking the pairing and going my own way with it.

DMDT was basically me looking at Harry/Tonks fic and thinking 'well i like the concept but the implementation is way off' and going from there.

Though a lot of my fic ideas, I start with the pairing I want/has been requested and then thinking 'but how on earth can you make that make sense?'

Anyone else want to share?


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