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It turns out I owe Work's Away day an apology. There was food! An hour after I left and thus two hours after they said but there was food.

And our team won the competition! I take no credit for it as the others answered the quiz and did the tiebreaker after I'd gone. But I make out like a bandit as I get £10 of amazon giftcards. Huzzah. Now what to treat myself with?


Jul. 22nd, 2016 06:51 pm
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Well I lived though the work away. Summer hours are back and the first hour is devoted to 'training'. So that'll be okay. Oh and they promised air con at last. But that's been on the cards since the last away day.

The second half of the day was in a bar and the group activity was a wine and beer tasting with associated quiz, which seemed to over run. The food was promised at about 4 and hadn't made an appearence by the time I an some team colleagues left to go home at 5. (The scheduled end of the day, although there was no real close and no real chance of addressing all at once in an incredibly loud and annoying bar.)

So had a sip of about 5 wine and half a dozen beers and don't feel great at all.
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So, back to work after a bank holiday yesterday. Not bad, I was more nervous about it yesterday than I was when I was there. My manager was back from sick leave was nice 'cos he's a chill guy. Still tiring zzzz.

Which mean cheat day on SED :P And I still got to scrape together 200 words for May Madness. Today is first times...
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Well I now once again an unemployed bum, or to possibly to put it more charitably a full time student.

Still not quite sure, how to feel about that, what I'm going to do now, and where the hell did this year go?.

Oh well, I'll worry about that later. For now, packing.
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So I'm typing this at half past one in the morning of the first of january 2013. Fun times, sitting at home alone, watching my Avengers dvd.

Well wishes to everyone reading this. hoep you have had/are having/will have a great time and a great 2013.

But similar to a post i made way back in june. This time of year is a time when I really managed to work myself up into a state worrying. Boxing Day night for example i fretted myself to the point of not sleeping well.

Now past years, i've just been able to write it off as 'I have january exams i need to revise for'. But this year no exams just life in general.

got my industrial placement job till early-mid May. And the last part of my master's from sept (the research project/dissertation bit). And inbetween I have no idea. Prep for the dissertation I guess and part time work if i can find it. And I suppose I'll have to move back in with my folks.

This worries me. And the dissertation just scares the shit out of me. It's supposed to be all original and stuff but I just have no idea what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it. Doesn't help the dissertation for my first degree was pretty structured from the fieldwork we did and even then i barely scraped it. And i scraped the dissertation prep module we actually did for the masters.

Just general a big urgh feeling about the new year.


In fandom news, I ended up claiming or trying to claim one of my own prompts at [ profile] hp_kinkfest for an early feb posting. So won't entirely be unbusy. Still posting at [ profile] smutty_claus should be finished now. Just waiting on reveals.
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Well remember a couple of weeks ago i was stressing and making a fuss because i'd lost my ID card for work?

It got returned! To the security office at work. Ex-employee had found it off site and handed it in. So I got it back faster than it took the HR department to create a new one for me. It's scratched up plenty but it still got me through the locked door so it seems to work.

Feel like i've burned through my allowance of luck for the month.


Oct. 30th, 2012 09:38 pm
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HELL. Darn. Blast. I am some kind of idiot. Really.

I gone and lost my damn id card for work. The one that lets me into the building. The one that lets me clock in and out to prove i've been there. The one they took like two weeks to make in the first place for some reason.

No idea how i did it. i've got the silly red clip on thing that came with it but no card. I know i used to clock out this afternoon. no i;m home niowhere to be found.

only thing i can think happen is i stuck in a pocket that had something else in it. like my mp3 player then when i pulled the mp3 out later to listen to it dislodged the card from my pocket. either that or i just randomly put it down at the sink or something when i went to the loo after clocking out.

So i'm panicing, random searching my room and feeling like a complete and total idiot.

I booked tomorrow off work but i know i feel like i should walk into work and try and find or at least report in missing and get the ball rolling on getting a new one.


Aug. 6th, 2012 11:14 am
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so at work. feeling hungry. go to vending machine, have to get two chocolate bars because the first one didn't actually fall to the bottom.

eat chocolate. feel more hungry.

life is hard.


Jun. 30th, 2012 09:51 pm
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So third week of work down and things are still pretty touch and go as far as actually having work to do  has gone. Been busy for a couple of complete days but the shorter day on friday and i had nothing to do. Spend most of the time till leaving 13:30 guiltily surfing the net on my work comp.

Today I've been doing to usual lazing about, being online, watching a film and reading Master & Commander. Which is not a patch on Hornblower as far Napoleonic naval books go. 

But i'm just feeling restless, like I should be doing something more, though I've no idea what.  If nothing else I should be writing. Spent most of the day waiting for asoiafkinkmeme's new round to open and am still uninspired by the results. I want to write that threesome prompt for you Luna or one of your prompts from earlier rounds but its just not flowing. 

Maybe I burnt myself out with asoiaf already.  

So in summary: blah. 

also LJ has convinced me i need some delicious delicious battenburg. i need to go food shopping tomorrow anyway. That's the other sucky thing. I need to plan meals and food a lot better. But a lot of time I just feel too lazy un motivated to actually cook much. I fail at self-sufficiency.  
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Right since i made that big song and dance this time last week I though I better keep you updated on whats going on.

Have made the move and now done a week at work. Very glad they do a shorter day on fridays! Not rrally done much work for work yet, seeing as they have to train us up on using their servers so mostly been going through a self-learning guide to the system and listen to talks and things but hopefully we should start doing more stuff as time goes on.

So yeah, have calmed down a lot now.

House is pretty nice with a couple of minor drawbacks; It's a terraced place with very loud neighbours having a scream match late on sunday night and I think its probably because my window faces east or something but i having been waking up much earlier than i'd like.

Still the owners are really nice and they managed to fix the electric shower yesterday... and electric showers are ungodly awesome things.


Fandom-wise, I've been plugging away at things for [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme still. Last week i probably wrote the most i have for quite a while so its good in that way but i don't know if i take too long to fill or just pick the wrong things but commenting is not that prevalent. 

Despite still having a couple of half completed fills, i may try and shift my efforts back to HP, i was reading some of my old fics when i was trying to figure out a sex scene for the bran/meera stuff and perhaps narcissisticly i really quite liked them still.  My AFF fic has gone way too long  without being updated...  And I've got 10,000 words to write for [ profile] harryhetbigbang sometime over the next three months. alas no prompt for that. I've found myself to be lazy enough to really really like having prompts. Lol.

Anywyay thanks for reading, see ya next time. 
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OK so this may get a little ranty and emoish. It's just i thought it might help to write it out. So its for me more than anyone else. Feel free to skip it if you like.

personal stuff under cut )

Normal service now resumes.


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