May. 25th, 2017 09:57 pm
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 Hola all. Whinging incoming.
  • It's hot
  • my may madness has stalled completely.
  • one ear is blocked and i'm not registered at my local doctor for some reason.(I must have changed Doctors when i went to university eleven years ago and never changed back)
  • So many political leaflets.
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First and most importantly, [community profile] firewhiskeyfic has the fics that were written last week up as well as the voting post. Read up and vote! (if you like)

Now we get to the old familiar tune part: Why Can't I write decent length fic anymore? I can do drabbles and PWP but proper fic, fic. Nada nothing.

I though signing up for rarefest with an own prompt and a pairing was a good idea. Now I want to get it done for the end of the month to clear my board [community profile] hp_may_madness and [community profile] hphet and nothing, not a blessed thing.

How do people come up with plots? I mean how?


Mar. 22nd, 2017 03:19 pm
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Another fortnight has come and gone at [ profile] hp_nextgen100 and I've failed to write anything.

:( When you're not even feeling drabble writing...
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Procrastinating on rarefest with humpfest.

procrastinating on humpfest by not writing a damn thing.


Jan. 30th, 2017 07:45 pm
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Don't want to read don't want to write and I can't prompt anything good.

FFS it's only Monday and I'm knackered.
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The next [ profile] hp_may_madness for me to attempt is Harry/Luna, that's the closest thing to a OTP I have. Though not nearly the one I write most frequently because well Luna is hard to write in a way that rings true to me.

And yet.. the only idea I had I'm sure I've nicked from better fics.

i want to try and do more that last year with MM. But then I worry I'm going from challenging to making it a chore. There's no rule you have to post or use or the prompts or anything. But they're still there. I just wish I had more ideas.

This has been post # umpteen on this topic.
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There is a tiny amount of snowfall that is not even sticking... That means everything is late!
Waaa! )
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I Got an extension for my SC. Untill Friday. Including today, and clearing Friday to work on BJF. That's three evenings to write by my reckoning 2 and 2/3 scenes. But those two full scenes should be pretty beefy.


eta: Wrote that 2/3rds of a scene! woot.
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Do you ever get that feeling where a plot that seemed so clear late at night or in the early morning just complete vanishes when you get in front of a keyboard?

The whole middle part of a fic just vanished into the ether for me. The things is I don't even want to write that fic anymore but I can't think of anything to replace it. What I can think of is a potential BJF fic but the pairing's incompatible with what i need to write for the fest.

And when BJF rolls around it will have gone clear out of my head.

I'm posting this but I've said it all before.
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So I checked out my fic tag today. Nothing I've written this year has hit 2k words, aside from one fest fic. Don't get met wrong. I like my flash fic and drabbles, they are compact efficient stories. Often they have cool imagery or phrasing or 'twists' I like.

But I have so forgotten how to do. plotting. Or build ups. Or dialogue. Or.... anything for a longer fic. Which is worrisome because I'm committed to writing one.
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Today, I've gone into to town and got my new glasses. Read and commented on some LJ, played some video games and watched the final three episodes of Daredevil.

Maybe it was the Daredevil but I do feel unaccountable agitated right now.

I was going to write today But I can't get down to it.
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I am eating a Lemon Sherbert right now. This is important information you need to know.

Also standard complaint about not being able to write despite a cool write anything you like event coming up.
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Yes, this has become a journal rather than a talk about anything interesting. Still, today was less raining. whhich was good because my umbrella was still in my shower where it had been left to try off after yesterday.

So i drove home. put the car in the garage had dinner. Realised i'd planned to go food shopping this evening. got the car out of the garage. realised i'd forgotten my bags to reuse, when back in the house got them. went shipping. got back to the car. realised things i'd forgotten to buy. when back into shop to buy then. went home. Realised other things i'd forgotten to buy.

*sigh* i forget so much. Someone get me whatsit, a thingie, a remembrall.
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Tipping it down here today just in time for my walk to the train station. Then my train was delayed by 15 minutes. Actually lucky it happened this week since I'm driving myself to and from the station, it doesn't hold up anyone else's evening.

still delayed mine. Grr. And I've still not managed any more writing.
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Where things seem to go wrong and I'm left in a weird funk. I'd say it's time for much chocolate but I'm not feeling comfortable in the stomach region either.

Blah. I should get an early night and see if things look better in the morning. But then I always think I should have an early night and it somehow it goes from being too early to far too late in the blink of an eye.
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So I'm pretty sure I have made this post before or one very like it. Nevertheless

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PS. We now have related entries feature for posts? how peculiar.
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So fandom wise my calender is completely open. I know of no fest I want to do or prompts to claim, or deadline I need to write for.

I have complete freedom to write whatever and whoever I want, whatever kink or themes I want of any length.

Now if only i had any ideas at all to write.

eta: yes, feel free to offer pairing/kink/scenario idea. no promises though.
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Bit of a whinge. Don't feel you have to read.

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Anyway. Early to bed. Early to rise. Catch you all later.

eta: the carpark near the station technically closes at 6pm, train gets back sixish, dither, go to other carpark (parents have used it in) evening. Also 'closes' at six. Dash across town only make it just in time for time train should have been. Train on platform. Train makes everyone get off so it can change platforms and make us all later. Worked enough flex into schedule still 10 minutes early for work.

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First, this is your weekly 'waaaa! writing' post brought to you my ability to only have ideas and writing ability when I'm no where near my computer.

Secondly I've been reviewing Half-Blood Prince the way i experience Hp mostly these days: with stephen fry's audio book versions. Si I've been thinking about it again. I still think its the weakest Potter book for me. But I know others like it.

But why is it called 'Half-Blood Prince' that's never more than a subplot and it elevates snape to a position only Harry and Sirius have otherwise to be mention in a title.

Second why does it matter that Snape is the Half Blood Prince? I mean its a nice bit irony that Harry learns so much for the book and never from Snape but its not important to the plot of Deathly Hallows nor does it seem to be to be thematically important.

But I'd love to hear i'm wrong and its actually very important. Any ideas?


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