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A03 really goes in for Teen rated Jon/Sansa that badly in need of a proof-read.

Reposted my fic 'Family, Duty, Honour' there yesterday now it has more kudos than any other story. Including the one thats been up since 2011. I confess myself confused. Happy. But confused.

In other news I've got my project report in at long last and now am entirely at a loose end.


Nov. 10th, 2013 03:54 pm
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So stuff has been happening. Bullet point time.
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Jul. 14th, 2013 11:43 am
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Quick update to say. School report is finished now. And to thank you all for encouragement and advice.

Now to worry about fandom deadlines... aargh.
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Well I now once again an unemployed bum, or to possibly to put it more charitably a full time student.

Still not quite sure, how to feel about that, what I'm going to do now, and where the hell did this year go?.

Oh well, I'll worry about that later. For now, packing.
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That time of the semester when every single deadline is looming ahead of me and I realise, 'damn you've procrastinated the whole twelve weeks away and now you've got shitloads of work to do'

Got a presentation today, another on Friday along with an essay. One project due in on Monday (which i thought was a week on Friday) and then a lot of  research stuff for the dissertation prep module on Wednesday. Which I particular don't want to leave till Tuesday but at the look of the current workload. I properly will. :-( Going to be the worst birthday ever. Maybe I will meet a house elf.

Still like the icon says - Don't panic. Even with all these deadlines my capacity for procrastination remains undiminished 
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Maybe doing that fest wasn't such a good idea. Then again maybe I should have just got on with it. Looking through e-mails and posts here. It seems like every week or day without classes, I'd claim I was going to make a dent in it, get it done early. And then procrastinate or stare at a white screen all day. Ended up three days late and spending my time writing it instead of school work until just before deadlines.

And now there's a doozy coming up. An academic poster due on 1st Dec. I've got a few articles saved that may be not at all relevant and say a week to get it all done and find someone who prints of A1 (maybe A2 depends who much i have to say on the subject) 

And when I start to think about that fact that i've got about to week to pull it all together, I realise I should have started this yonks ago and I should panic right now because I don't have enough time. So I panic and the odd think about panicking? Not conducive to actually getting work done. So I end up working myself into a right state and digging myself deeper in the hole. 

Like, apparently I'm doing right now while writing this post. 

I can;t really blame the fest though. I've proven myself many times over to be able to procrastinate on these things until the last second during my undergrad course. I just deluded myself into thinking this would be different as I'm now older and wiser and have given them practically all my money just to be there.  

But no, I'm still not working ahead and not concentrating on the course and generally being just as terrible at this as i was the first time around and since i'm living at home and commuting on the train: still no social life or skill are to be had.

I don't even know why i'm doing this course anymore. Or rather I do, not because the subject's that wonderful but simply because I had to do something to improve my prospects of a job and not continue to sit at home sending out applications that never get responded to.

But I'm mucking that up to. Not managed to apply for any industrial placements because I've been so busy with all the immediate deadlines. But that's just an excuse because I've been avoiding those too.

Well that was a nice bit of emo rambling. Sorry to make you read all that. I think I've run out of things to say. So I'll have to sign off on that.  
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Just sent my[ profile] smutty_claus submission off to the fest mod. Which as I am sure [ profile] hollywoodlawn will agree is a great relief. 

So now I can only cross my fingers, wait, and encourage y'all to check out the wonderful stories sure to be coming out from December first.

Now, I have to decide which AFF fic to go back to... If I ever have time when not doing school work...


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