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Did you miss me?

Didn't write. Did do a lot of reading. Some on A03, a hardcopy book and a kindle one.  Alternated between sorting the house out and going on walks. Did get sunburn and took some Devon landscape photos I'll do another post on sometime.

How is everyone? Did I miss much?


Jun. 15th, 2017 10:24 pm
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More sad things in real life and the more and more we learn about the London fire the more of a travesty it becomes.

In happier news. I posted my Hphet thing yesterday (LJ | DW) It's Charlie/Tonks and didn't come out how I intended but you might enjoy it. And hprarefest is posting, which I have an entry in that may or may not have been post. ;)

My fandom slate is blank here. Not sure when/if I'll write again or for what. I'm trying not to force it.

What I am doing the moment is mainlining the first three seasons of comedy Brooklyn 99 on Netflix. Might finally watch Iron Fist when I'm finished with Nine-Nine. There's the new Magnificent 7 movie on Netflix as well I've been meaning to watch.

As for reading. I still have all the books I was given for my birthday to read. I've been slowly reading a book called 'this savage song' by VE Schwab my friend gave me. After that I've got the books I've asked for. Ramage and the Rebels (Napoleninc naval fiction) and Call To Duty (sci-fi). Then I'll tackle Joe Abercrombie's "The Blade Itself" that I picked up second hand for nothing. And then I'll finish my Dresden Files Re-read with 'Skin Game'

So that's not nothing. Hope everyone on my flist is doing well.

Real life

Jun. 9th, 2017 06:11 pm
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So for those who don't know here in the UK we had the fun of a snap general election. And I am way too chipper about the result. I've got a lot shadenfreude about this. Our prime minister Theresa May called it solely in the hopes of strengthening her majority and getting a proper 'mandate' for Brexit.  

She lost her majority. Likely will lose her job and Labour came out far more strongly than people thought they would.

On the other hand, she's still in power, and she's shored it up  by temaing up with the DUP who I'd barely heard of before but are an Irish party who are socially extremely  backwards but do want a soft brexit so heck tons of trouble is on the horizon there.

So it's not really good for the country but on the other hand I'm so damned glad we  didn't just do what May wanted.
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 Theresa May is planning to call a snap election for June. She does have to get it past parliament but still. Do not want. If she gets it, she'll probably increase her majority and get even more of a mandate for all her brexit malarkey.


PS. Reposting from LJ since I don't have DW Access from work. since I wrote the opposition Labour have decided they are okay with the election so very likely to happen. But of a lose lose situation for them. Either they don't vote for it and look scared or they do and have to fight an election.


Mar. 26th, 2017 10:37 pm
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I woke up this morning and had wrenched my neck somehow. Just pains if I lean to my head too far to the left. Been popping ubuprofen all day and took my Dad's advice. A Hot bath seems to be his panacea. But does work. While I was in it, anyway. It is fading but so weird just to wake up up and... ow.

In other news. It's Mother's Day! (or not, don't panic it's not MD in america...) So my sister's been visiting this week and we cooked! Cock-au-van. Which means pre-frying some chicken, onions and mushrooms, pouring pre-made sauce over and sticking in the oven. Still it turned out well. Evidently we are master chefs.

Yesterday my parents were at a folk dance. So my sister and i staying and watched Star Trek Beyond (still really like it) and How To Train Your Dragon 2. (Because we are mature resposnible adults) and ordered chinese. Fun was had.

So all in all a fun weekend aside from the neck and I don't wanna work tomorrow. ;)

Eta: oh and my familys asking for a birthday list for next month. I don't really want anything though. A nice 1st world problem to have.

Slow Month

Mar. 9th, 2017 10:33 pm
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It's been like a week since I harassled y'all.

  • Work is stress. I shall never drink this client's products. Even if drank anyway.

  • Just finished reading [ profile] ely_baby's epic length fic: Ask Lavender, which draws the sexuel tension out for 35 chapter while also having them bang! It's a masterpeice you should totally check out.

  • I've been failing to write for [ profile] hp_nextgen100 which sad but any nextgen ideas I have I feel like I should save for the fest peice I'm not managed to start either.

  • I'm trying and failing to write for Humpfest at [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles as well.

  • Anywhere but a bed. is also running! Another thing to fail to write for! But a very fun, semi-public sex centred fest!

  • I saw Logan (the lastest wolverine/x-men fim) with work at the start of the week. It's a well done, well performed film by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart but hella dark, violent and grim.

My fandom email went a bit screwy today. It said it had like four emails for me to read but when I went into the inbox, nada. I got a bit paranoid and changed the password in case it had been hacked. (Though i later realised you can check the login locations and there was nothing weird) so if anyone got any  spam from me... sorry!

Hope everyone's well, LJ seems so quiet at the moment. 

Update FL

Mar. 2nd, 2017 07:46 pm
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I didn't sign up for 3somes in the end. :( I am second guessing that a bit but never mind.

I did put up a wishlist at Humpfest and so should you! You might get some nice fics out of it! ;)

More snow last night, but it didn't stick which is good for not disrupting travel. :) Kind of feeling all over the place at the moment vis a vis work.

Hope all is well with everyone


Feb. 23rd, 2017 07:11 pm
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Storm Doris is causing trouble today. I only got a bit of rain but I hope all my UK based friends are okay?

My usual train home ultimately goes to London and thus was cancelled, apparently all trains in and out are cancelled. Luckily a Northern local train was 50 minutes late and at just the right time for me to get on and go home so I was only slightly later than I would otherwise have been.

In other news. I've run out of mobile internet. Of course it wasn't so long ago I had no such thing and didn't need it. This is why I should read fanfic on my commute and not browse images and gifs online....

Work doesn't look to be letting up soon. I'm fine but not getting anywhere with any RL or writing goals.


Nov. 19th, 2016 02:33 pm
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So in an attempt to use up the holidays like I've been failing too all year I'm taking next week off. (And even now I'll be carrying the max of three days over to next year)

I think any one who's read my journal will know what I need to do with the time off. Whether I will or not remains to be seen ;P

And early New Year's Resolution. Learn how to take a proper holiday!
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Well I gave into temptation and got a new tablet/mini-laptop. Just in time as my main desktop has been updating for the best part of an hour. Not sure how much it will be than the phone for ljing/writing/interneting away from home time really, since 'm just trying to get the hang of typing on the keyboard as right now I seem to be snagging the pgup/pgdwn/home/end buttons a lot and sending the cursor everywhere.

I'm now off for a full week! One day of bank holiday, four days of annual leave. Visiting a friend so that should be fun. Still need to go further afield than Birmingham...

Fandomwise, same old, same old. I'd like to do one last drabble for the Night Rounds event. (speaking of that Harry/Fleur seems to go down really well with AO3 for some reason) And of course Bring Back the Porn.

Suggestions for pairings welcome with the caveat that I am impossible to prompt.
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It turns out I owe Work's Away day an apology. There was food! An hour after I left and thus two hours after they said but there was food.

And our team won the competition! I take no credit for it as the others answered the quiz and did the tiebreaker after I'd gone. But I make out like a bandit as I get £10 of amazon giftcards. Huzzah. Now what to treat myself with?


Jul. 22nd, 2016 06:51 pm
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Well I lived though the work away. Summer hours are back and the first hour is devoted to 'training'. So that'll be okay. Oh and they promised air con at last. But that's been on the cards since the last away day.

The second half of the day was in a bar and the group activity was a wine and beer tasting with associated quiz, which seemed to over run. The food was promised at about 4 and hadn't made an appearence by the time I an some team colleagues left to go home at 5. (The scheduled end of the day, although there was no real close and no real chance of addressing all at once in an incredibly loud and annoying bar.)

So had a sip of about 5 wine and half a dozen beers and don't feel great at all.


Jul. 19th, 2016 06:56 pm
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So yeah, I've not really posted this month. The world at large is not cooperating with my aim of a cheerful month. I'm okay just busy at work. We've got our crappy company 'pat ourselves on the back' day on friday that I don't look forward to.

It's summer! Hit 30C in the office today. So that doesn't help my productivity, lol.

Fandom-wise, struggling on the inspiration front. But [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest is coming up and I'll likely check out those prompts and fail to see anything. Otherwise there's [ profile] bbtp in September and maybe [ profile] smutty_claus if it's running.

Hope everyone's well!
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We're at the end of June and halfway through 2016. How time flies, huh?

All I've written this month is [ profile] firewhiskeyfic which will be revealed on sunday. I still owe [ profile] torino10154 birthday porn. (though I know very kindly you don't really mind Torino, lol). Couple with real life issues it feels like this journal has become very dreary of late.

As every the aim for July is to write more and fun, things!


Jun. 25th, 2016 01:19 pm
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I've seen it in a few places now but why are people saying 'well they ignored boaty mcboatface they can ignore the referendum'

As if they were in anyway the same thing by the same people.

We lost the vote. That makes me very sad. I have sympathy with those who want another vote. With the idea the threshold was set too low. But that was an argument that should have happened before the referendum, not something that can apply afterwards.

Oh hell.

Jun. 24th, 2016 07:42 am
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We are actually leaving. And the pound is already taking a masive dip.

I hope the leave campaign turn out to be right about the possibillities in the long term. In the short trrm things don't look too good.

Sad day for the country.the xenophobes and isolationists have won and we have no excuse.
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An MP has been shot and stabbed by a nutter here. That's horrifying; assassination is just not something I expect in the UK.

eta: The article

eta2: She died. :(

May Day

Apr. 29th, 2016 09:14 pm
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So glad it's the start of May Bank Holiday today. Really glad of that. This week hasn't really been fun. I've just been feeling pretty melancholy. Age catching up with me sort of thing. (Yeah, I know I'm nowhere near old, still...)

I still have 18/20 standard holidays left as well. I should really think about taking them and having a proper holiday rather than visiting a friend. I just have no idea where i would go/what I would do.

On the plus side [ profile] hp_may_madness is running again. Last year It really gave my writing a boost and think I did some new/fun things. So hoping to do more this year.


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