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[community profile] firewhiskeyfic  is running today. With some Harry-centric prompts.

This necessitated a trip to the supermarket. My purchases: 330ml of Captain Morgan's. 2 litres of  Pepsi Max Cherry (being marginally less overpriced that Dr Pepper at the moment) and two bars of Cadbury's chocolate. (one Dairy Milk and one Oreo)

I went out in the pouring rain to do this. I'm 90% sure from the cheery way the cashier said 'have a nice weekend' that he must thing I'm a depressed alcoholic. 

The things one does for fandom.

edit: correcting so many typos. I've no drunk anything yet!


May. 10th, 2017 01:31 pm
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[ profile] wand_in_a_knot  is running again. So if a 24 hour porn challenge is your thing, take a look! I did it last year but paniced so much about it, that I'm probably not going to again unless it desperately needs more writers but other than that issue it's a very fun event.

There's a few more days to prompt for [community profile] hphet /[ profile] hphet ! I need to get a few more in there if I can think of some good prompts.

And [community profile] hp_may_madness is going on now. I'm not quite jelling with the prompts right now but no worries. 
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Aside from [ profile] hprarefest I should be am writing for already.


  • [ profile] hp_3somes: last chance to sign up for their exchange. I'm torn. I kind of want to. But also sure I'm not going to match to anyone.

  • [ profile] wand_in_a_knot: A 24 Hour Challenge. Probably won't signup for this unless it looks like they won't get enough people. I spent the entire day in a massive panic when it was my turn last year.

  • [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles has Humpfest incoming. That was a wishlist event if the mods are keeping it the same.

Something there for everyone I think!   


Feb. 1st, 2017 07:50 pm
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[ profile] hp_3somes


Pimping because I am selfish and someone I can write something at least partially hettish for needs to sign up!


Jan. 25th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Stuff is starting to heat up at [ profile] hp_unfaithful's Event

I've written a little Charlie/multiple ladies ficlet. And an epic Harry/Call Girl!Pansy was written for a prompt of mine.

Do check it out if you're into infidelity fic!
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Prompting is now taking place at [ profile] hprarefest until the end of the month. I've prompted one (the first!) prompt there but I'm struggling to think of ones for my pairing that I haven't put up before. One of the ones I'm looking at the prompts closely to figure something to write, so put something up for me! ;) (don't I am unpromptable)

And [ profile] hp_unfaithful is doing a Valentine's comment fest from now until 20th Feb with prompting and posting throughout. So that's the place to be for infidelity.

Boost Bar

Jan. 3rd, 2017 07:06 pm
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Hey all, [ profile] hp_kinkfest is prompting. Click the image to see the prompts!

Stylish banner )

Love meme

Nov. 18th, 2016 10:27 am
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Everyone loves getting love.
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I'd say 'everyone loves rarepairs' but that seems a contradiction in terms. Lots of people love different rare pairs from each other!

Anyway Rarefest 2016 at [ profile] hprarefest is currently collecting prompts. I don't know if they've not got any yet or are screening them but either way take a look and drop some ideas!

eta: Post wasn't screen. Prompt count has exploded. w00t!
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[ profile] hp_kinkfest! I forgot this was coming.

Prompt Post is here 7 prompts max and only until the 3rd to post them.

So show off your kinky side! XD I shall be keeping an eye on the prompts for inspiration.

ETA: Pretty Banner! )

Lucky Day.

Oct. 11th, 2015 08:27 pm
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I have some links for you all. It's been a good day! Three, count them, three of my prompts have been filled today all of them Harry/Patil pairings! Two Harry/Parvati for Prompts of colour and one of Harry/Padma from Humpathon.

So Check out:
Rough Night by [ profile] swan_secrets
A Vacation To Remember by [ profile] mayorhaggar
A Different Date by [ profile] lrthunder

I'd also like to point you to [ profile] nearlyconscious who is currently doing commissions to help out a friend in need.

And [ profile] hp_halloween where it's your last chance to sign up for this year's fest: a double drabble exchange.


Apr. 27th, 2015 07:28 pm
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The amazing [ profile] nearlyconscious drew me a birthday present!

Where I want to be

It's Hary/Parvati! She drew me lovely topless Parvati getting it on with Harry! She's the best. There's a great air of exploration about it that I just love.

Check it out and shower it with comments please! :P
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... the rain currently hammering on the skylight.

Few things I want to link. You Wish is coming to an end today and over the last weekend I managed to write a Harry/Padma piece and received a sweet Seamus/Hermione story!

There's just still to get a fic in if you're quick. And a couple of people who are giftless. DobbyDobbs, who likes Harry with older women. and Digthewriter who likes slash.

I'd like to make special mention of Digthewriter to people on my f-list capable of whipping up some quick slash (500-1500 words) as they are a regular contributor to humps.

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone's week has got off to a good start. If not, don't worry! We're halfway through it considering the easter hols! XD


Mar. 6th, 2015 07:51 pm
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Thank goodness it's friday. I am so knackered.

A couple of things I should mention before dozing off, first I received my gift at [ profile] hp_3somes: Competing someone finally indulged me in writing James Sirius/Victoire/Dominique! it's really fun and a flashfic too so a nice quick read if you want to try something new and next gen.

The other thing I want to mention is [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles's You Wish. event, a wishlist event, you leave things and people might write them for you. Lovely range of requests and a fic up already. Going to try my hardest to write somethings for it, this month.

In fact, i had a good idea this morning but I might not write it riht now cos.. shattered.
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Named in honour of the weather I've been having. Okay there was only one roll of thunder that I heard but come on how often do I get to use the word THUNDERSNOW?

This marks the end of my first month of work! Hurray.

Two things I'd like the pimp here; first Be My Anti-Valentine will start tomorrow on[ profile] hp_het_taboo whenever I can managed to write and post some kind of opening post.

But more importantly [ profile] torino10154' annual Porn Sunday is this sunday! So if you don't know or care about something called SuperBowl (spheroid of steel? last game on Krypton?) you can come and write and post porn on Sunday! Any length, any genre, any fandom so long as it's smutty in some way. Who could resist that?

A good excuse for me to try and get back into my writing swing I think! Have to think of who to use though...
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Today is Blowjob Friday! So I'd like you to go write blowjob fics! Fellatio, cunnilingus, irrumatio! it's all good. Why not go for a sixty-nine so both the characters can have some fun!
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Hey guys! Just letting you know about a couple of great fests going on at the moment: First me and [ profile] tamlane are still running our very first fest over at [ profile] hp_het_taboo, the dirtywrong comment fest. Any prompts that conform to our Taboos: infidelity, incest, abuse of authority, consent issues, bstiality, underage, age disparities, dangerous sex or necrophilia. And can be filled with fanworks of any nature so long as they contain explicit heterosexual activity.

We're about halfway through the fest now. So its open for another week and a half. We've got lots of great prompts and fills already but we're always eager for more!

The other is starting today and is Humpathon 2014 at [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles, leave a prompt at this fest and it can be filled with a suggestive or naughty drabble (100-500 words long). Community rules apply so fills must be rating pg-13 above, the characters must be above 16 (age of cosent in the UK) and cannot contain incest, rape or bestialty.

But that still leaves an awful lot of room for your favourite characters getting naughty, and its a great way to get some quick writing practise done. I'll be attempting to prompt and fill for it while its open this month.

[ profile] hp_humpdrabbles presents Humpathon 2014
October 1 - 23, 2014 Be Wicked
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[ profile] smutty_claus sign ups are open! And now I have a few lines of a Monkee's song in my head. Thanks, [ profile] ragdoll

As ever my sign up was considered spam, I'm very offended. This sort of thing shouldn't happen to Nigerian Prince like me. :P

So go and sign-up! Or not, it's your choice, obviously.
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So [ profile] tamlane was thinking she'd like to maybe, someday create a small fest or community perhaps. Unfortunately, I was around to give her a little push and get her to do it now so we've ended up creating a community:

It's devoted to the rarest of the rare in fandom. Not only heterosexual fanfiction but hetrosexual fanfiction, dealing with the taboo: incest, infidelity and all sorts of things that 'shouldn't' be happening...

Fic and art, new or old is welcome. In its entirety or as link stored elsewhere. We're easy. ;)
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These images may very well flood you f-list

[ profile] interhouse_fest is a fun event that does exactly what it says on the tin. Celebrate pairings of people from different Hogwarts houses. Which is fun when you can contrast different personalities. Any genre, any rating, anything goes so long as it features people from canoically different houses.

Posting Starts in a week so get your thinking caps on!


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