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So [ profile] tamlane was thinking she'd like to maybe, someday create a small fest or community perhaps. Unfortunately, I was around to give her a little push and get her to do it now so we've ended up creating a community:

It's devoted to the rarest of the rare in fandom. Not only heterosexual fanfiction but hetrosexual fanfiction, dealing with the taboo: incest, infidelity and all sorts of things that 'shouldn't' be happening...

Fic and art, new or old is welcome. In its entirety or as link stored elsewhere. We're easy. ;)
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Rules, Timelines, and How to Nominate a Fic

To Make Nominations/Ask Questions:
Nomination period: April 1st - April 28th, 2014
Voting period: May 1st - June 30th, 2014
Winners announced: by July 10th, 2014

Summertime got nominated in the best Next Gen Drabble category. Of the award. I don't know how it works but thanks to who ever put my name in! I'm most flattered.

Interesting they sent the notification to the A03 copy so obviously going to that archive was a good move.

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We were just talking about this the other day

The resounding result of that article seems to be 'authors don't like fanfic.' I can certainly see their point along of the lines of 'writing your own stuff is better' in terms of originality and obviously publishableness and your chances of making it as an author but on the other hand. I'm pretty sure fanfic isn't a threat to an author's income or trade marks either. Especially if properly disclaimered. So short of people trying to sell unofficial HP8 books I fail to see the harm.

Alas JKR seemed quite sympathetic. Except she doesn't want porno fic. Won't some please think of the children! Though judging by the amount of underage user they had to pull of places like adultfanfiction It's a pretty sure bet they already know this stuff.             
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If there one thing consistently complain about when reading hp fests, its the total overwhelming amount of slash fic out there. And if its not slash its either seems to be about the elder Weasley brothers or most often Herminoe paired with a Slytherin bad boy or someone older enough to be her father or both.

So when the second round of  [ profile] harryhetbigbang came along the only logical, internally consistent thing was to sign up for it.  I wouldn't want it to disappear for lack of support after all. 

Sadly there are inklings it may have to open to all hp het pairings to stay afloat. And that would make me sad.

Now I just gotta figure out what the hell I want to write. Still I got plenty of time. Nothing is due till September. And that's only the rough draft. Still if I wanted to enter [ profile] smutty_claus again. I'd need to be more or less done by then any way. Elsewise they'd overlap.
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Just been thinking about inspiration a lot, recently. And how weird it is.

Owing to the fact that i really should be doing more academic work than fanfic writing, I stuck both my on-goings 'on-haitus.' and since then ideas have been occurring to me much more frequently. Could just be my normal method of procrastination and getting away from the research proposal module. I did a taught MSc in part because I didn't want to do research.

So any way, for the moment ideas are popping in my head for Harry paired with any girl you can imagine. Ok that's not true. I draw the line at umbridge or aunt petunia or McGonagell or someone.

But Daphne Greengrass (obviously since I'm writing that one in Dribs n drabs) ,Susan Bones, Astoria Malfoy, Narcissa, Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson. Sure. Of Cause most of those are going nowhere. But still.

I'm getting off topic. I'm just wondering where everyone gets their ideas from. I think I have a nasty habit of reading other peoples fics and then nicking the pairing and going my own way with it.

DMDT was basically me looking at Harry/Tonks fic and thinking 'well i like the concept but the implementation is way off' and going from there.

Though a lot of my fic ideas, I start with the pairing I want/has been requested and then thinking 'but how on earth can you make that make sense?'

Anyone else want to share?
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Today's ride home yielded a little more exposition and further cluelessness.
Read more... )
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Writing with paper n mechanical pencil on a train. Thought I'd share it as I write it.

Story Start Goes here )

And that was where I got up before realising If I didn't move quickly I was going to miss my stop. Not much and it probably won't go far but its an idea that's been swimming around the back of my head since reading/writing Smutty-Claus sign ups last year.

eta: half an hour and over a page of A4 that was. And its tiny. darn.
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The standard response to any software updates for anything.

Because it's true!

I'm sure thing will be fine when I can figure out where everything is. But now I'm very confused. I can't figure out what will tell me ho many reviews I have and for what story.

Though we know have a more elaborate system for recommending authors or fic.

Yay. I suppose.

eta: But the most annoying thing. Lots of old fics and chapters have had all the paragraphing info stripped out of them by the update. So I hope you like walls of text! 

In other news. [ profile] harry_submits and [ profile] hp_kinkfest have been going a while now. And have produced very little I want to read. There was a pegging story for Kinkfest. Slightly mired for me by the fact it feature Draco and a Harry/Pansy fic that I've not had to read more than the first few paragraphs but other than that. Nada.   
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Well reveals have gone up at [ profile] smutty_claus so I can fess up to writing the Harry/Ginny/Parvati threesome story 'Substitute My Coke For Gin', which I devoted seemingly endless [ profile] writingbudsposts to failing to write.

Since reveals comments on this fic have more than double as I've discovered I'm one of those annoying people who respond to every single review... Whoops. Anyway...

link to original Smutty_Claus posting

AFF Repost Link 

As ever massive props to [ profile] hollywoodlawn for betaring.
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Oh, Smutty_Claus I had such high hopes for you....  Then you started off with Snape/Hermione and the first story with Harry included this line from his PoV

"He and Draco had had a brief fling—passionate and volatile—not long after the war. Mostly they just worked off the school-aged tension between them and parted, not as friends exactly, but not as the enemies they'd once been."

H/D: inescapable even in hetro-fests?

Oh well, still seventy-odd stories to go. And I know at least one won't contain any Slytherins... 
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I signed up for a fest ([info]smutty_claus) and considering the speed at which its filling up its a good thing I did it first thing yesterday. Still reading through  the other sign up sheets is giving me lots of ideas... For ships and pairings I've not requested or said I'll write for... D'oh!

Plus I had a whole bunch ideas for the characters I'd said i'd do, and now I figure whatever I try and plan out in advance, the request that I get down from on high's going to wreck it straight out from the gate. 

Reading through some of the past fics and see the art has sent me down tracks I'd not considered before like the fact people will apparently ship the two eldest Weasley boys with anyone

Especially love this pic;

If I was writing the sign up sheet now, there'd be a prompt for Charlie/Fleur infidelity with Bill/Tonks going on at the same time.

Anyway, beginning to get the feeling it will be a long slog to the deadline.     
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Well since I've picked up a few more friend than just Hollywoodlawn, I'd thought i'd pimp out my fic updates here as well.

So chapter 9 of my Harry/Tonks fic has gone up. I think its the most popular of my fics given the number of ratings and reviews per chapter.


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