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How is it August already? Where has the year gone? Why haven't I written more? Why does time move inexorably forward constantly? Why?

Some stuff coming up I'm interested in:
Anything else I'm missing? There's also my [community profile] firewhiskeyfic to translate and repost at somepoint. (I got 1/3 of the best prompt use!)

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[community profile] firewhiskeyfic  is running today. With some Harry-centric prompts.

This necessitated a trip to the supermarket. My purchases: 330ml of Captain Morgan's. 2 litres of  Pepsi Max Cherry (being marginally less overpriced that Dr Pepper at the moment) and two bars of Cadbury's chocolate. (one Dairy Milk and one Oreo)

I went out in the pouring rain to do this. I'm 90% sure from the cheery way the cashier said 'have a nice weekend' that he must thing I'm a depressed alcoholic. 

The things one does for fandom.

edit: correcting so many typos. I've no drunk anything yet!


Jun. 15th, 2017 10:24 pm
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More sad things in real life and the more and more we learn about the London fire the more of a travesty it becomes.

In happier news. I posted my Hphet thing yesterday (LJ | DW) It's Charlie/Tonks and didn't come out how I intended but you might enjoy it. And hprarefest is posting, which I have an entry in that may or may not have been post. ;)

My fandom slate is blank here. Not sure when/if I'll write again or for what. I'm trying not to force it.

What I am doing the moment is mainlining the first three seasons of comedy Brooklyn 99 on Netflix. Might finally watch Iron Fist when I'm finished with Nine-Nine. There's the new Magnificent 7 movie on Netflix as well I've been meaning to watch.

As for reading. I still have all the books I was given for my birthday to read. I've been slowly reading a book called 'this savage song' by VE Schwab my friend gave me. After that I've got the books I've asked for. Ramage and the Rebels (Napoleninc naval fiction) and Call To Duty (sci-fi). Then I'll tackle Joe Abercrombie's "The Blade Itself" that I picked up second hand for nothing. And then I'll finish my Dresden Files Re-read with 'Skin Game'

So that's not nothing. Hope everyone on my flist is doing well.
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Since het is 99% of my output and feels under-represented in fandom... (disclaimer. Yes this is because it's mainstream in real life and yes femmeslash has it worse. not trying to bash anyone/anyship here.)

...I'm going to do my very best for this fest and I hope y'all consider taking part as well:

[community profile] hphet hphet
presents the first ever mini fest!
details! )

Slow Month

Mar. 9th, 2017 10:33 pm
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It's been like a week since I harassled y'all.

  • Work is stress. I shall never drink this client's products. Even if drank anyway.

  • Just finished reading [ profile] ely_baby's epic length fic: Ask Lavender, which draws the sexuel tension out for 35 chapter while also having them bang! It's a masterpeice you should totally check out.

  • I've been failing to write for [ profile] hp_nextgen100 which sad but any nextgen ideas I have I feel like I should save for the fest peice I'm not managed to start either.

  • I'm trying and failing to write for Humpfest at [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles as well.

  • Anywhere but a bed. is also running! Another thing to fail to write for! But a very fun, semi-public sex centred fest!

  • I saw Logan (the lastest wolverine/x-men fim) with work at the start of the week. It's a well done, well performed film by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart but hella dark, violent and grim.

My fandom email went a bit screwy today. It said it had like four emails for me to read but when I went into the inbox, nada. I got a bit paranoid and changed the password in case it had been hacked. (Though i later realised you can check the login locations and there was nothing weird) so if anyone got any  spam from me... sorry!

Hope everyone's well, LJ seems so quiet at the moment. 

Update FL

Mar. 2nd, 2017 07:46 pm
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I didn't sign up for 3somes in the end. :( I am second guessing that a bit but never mind.

I did put up a wishlist at Humpfest and so should you! You might get some nice fics out of it! ;)

More snow last night, but it didn't stick which is good for not disrupting travel. :) Kind of feeling all over the place at the moment vis a vis work.

Hope all is well with everyone


Jan. 25th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Stuff is starting to heat up at [ profile] hp_unfaithful's Event

I've written a little Charlie/multiple ladies ficlet. And an epic Harry/Call Girl!Pansy was written for a prompt of mine.

Do check it out if you're into infidelity fic!


Jan. 6th, 2017 08:26 pm
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So a week back a work. Four days and I'm soo tired and ready for the weekend and I think I maybe getting a cold. Reviving myself with a hot chocolate.

My thanks to everyone who commented on my pre-NewYear post. I am feeling better now I'm in the flow things. I had meant to put up a resolution/aim but I haven't done so yet.

I've put up 5/7 of my prompts at [ profile] hp_kinkfest and I don't think I'll use my last two as prompting ends today. But then I was surprised when I thought of more past my second.

[ profile] hprarefest announced prompting starts on 20th this month. I had a little panic when I saw that. It's another one I've always wanted to support but never quite clicked with and it seems to come around quickly this year.

More low stress [ profile] firewhiskeyfic is also doing a little event on the 20th which should be fun.


Oct. 3rd, 2016 02:01 pm
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Wotcher all! I survived my flirtation with rum and writing with nothing more than some lost sleep and an uneasy stomach the next day. Keep an eye on [ profile] firewhiskeyfic tomorrow for the results of everyone's endeavours to be posted.

I've also signed up for the [ profile] hp_halloween exchange, 200 words exactly, so not huge but a fun fest.

And [ profile] hp_nextgen100 should have a fresh prompt this week. (The last fortnight has gone in a snap!)

And all these great distractions from the interhouse and smutty claus fics I need to start/check the deadlines on...


Sep. 17th, 2016 11:11 pm
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It's been almost a week since my last post. So I thought I'd re-iterate a few things to keep this thing from dying out entirely.

  • [ profile] smutty_claus assigments are due out this week! Eek! I've avoided more than skimming the sign ups. Some times I get attached to one I think fits me and then get something entirely unexpected, lol.

  • I need to start my [ profile] interhouse_fest fic. -_-

  • [ profile] hp_nextgenfest have posted their usual 'it's not too late!' post that always makes me wonder. But it is too late. lol.

  • But [ profile] hp_nextgen100 is returning! So I hope to at least manage something for that.

Instead of actually writing fest fic, what have I been doing? Well watching Netflix of course! 'The Other Guys' a mediocre Will Ferrel/Mark Warlberg comedy and MockingJay Part 1 in preperation for Part II coming out this week. I've also signed up to and go the audio book for Fellowship Of The Ring. (I have the Hobbit read by the same guy.) I find LotR hard to read but hopefully on audio book it'll be better.

I'm also halfway through reading [ profile] ely_baby's epic length Lugo fic: Ask Lavender a tale of obliviousness, jealousy and smoking hot sex they try to claim means nothing.(exept it totally does)
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Well I gave into temptation and got a new tablet/mini-laptop. Just in time as my main desktop has been updating for the best part of an hour. Not sure how much it will be than the phone for ljing/writing/interneting away from home time really, since 'm just trying to get the hang of typing on the keyboard as right now I seem to be snagging the pgup/pgdwn/home/end buttons a lot and sending the cursor everywhere.

I'm now off for a full week! One day of bank holiday, four days of annual leave. Visiting a friend so that should be fun. Still need to go further afield than Birmingham...

Fandomwise, same old, same old. I'd like to do one last drabble for the Night Rounds event. (speaking of that Harry/Fleur seems to go down really well with AO3 for some reason) And of course Bring Back the Porn.

Suggestions for pairings welcome with the caveat that I am impossible to prompt.


Aug. 9th, 2016 11:22 am
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[ profile] smutty_claus will be running this year! Yay!

Time to pull out my old sign up for revision and think wintery thoughts.


Jul. 19th, 2016 06:56 pm
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So yeah, I've not really posted this month. The world at large is not cooperating with my aim of a cheerful month. I'm okay just busy at work. We've got our crappy company 'pat ourselves on the back' day on friday that I don't look forward to.

It's summer! Hit 30C in the office today. So that doesn't help my productivity, lol.

Fandom-wise, struggling on the inspiration front. But [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest is coming up and I'll likely check out those prompts and fail to see anything. Otherwise there's [ profile] bbtp in September and maybe [ profile] smutty_claus if it's running.

Hope everyone's well!
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We're at the end of June and halfway through 2016. How time flies, huh?

All I've written this month is [ profile] firewhiskeyfic which will be revealed on sunday. I still owe [ profile] torino10154 birthday porn. (though I know very kindly you don't really mind Torino, lol). Couple with real life issues it feels like this journal has become very dreary of late.

As every the aim for July is to write more and fun, things!
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[ profile] firewhiskeyfic has posted 13 fics of drunk writing. check em out and enjoy our terrible typing! :D

Maybe even vote for me in a variety of categories.

I'm not going to be able to do much else this evening....


Jun. 17th, 2016 11:25 pm
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Is it weird that I'm reading my own stuff rather than finding new stuff?

Also I'm thinking the 8th Year Oral series needs another entry. Who to use, though?
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A fest like [ profile] hprarefest puts a mod post up that says stuff like 'there's still time', I always thing 'ooh! I could totally do that' and wander over to the prompt posts and then never do anything about.

Weird because basically 90% of what I write is rare pairs. And wrote a flashfic in 24 hours last month. So It'd totally be possible. Of course I did that in the highest state of panic.

I feel like Wand in a knot was the last original idea I had I wanted to write but I imagine that'll pass.

IDEK what I'm saying here.


May. 23rd, 2016 08:33 pm
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Barely awake enough to respond to comments let alone write new things.

But the [ profile] hp_may_madness crew have been knocking Ron/Pansy out of the water today.


May. 2nd, 2016 11:11 pm
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I'm inordinately pleased that I wrote two little fics today. One posted for May madness and one for humpdrabbles.

Alas back to work tomorrow and seeing a movie with work colleagues in the evening. So day 3 doesn't look to be happening for May Madness. But if the prompts are good maybe I'll catch up later. Doing the whole month does seem unlikely.

And i jumped in and signed up for [ profile] wand_in_a_knot, so sometime this month, I'll be on the hook for something quick and dirty in 24 hours. Exciting but fun! Lots of names I recognise on the Wands list, the output be exciting.


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