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Title: By the rules.
Rating: Hard R
Characters & Pairing: Albus Severus/Roxy
Word Count: 656
Content: Bondage, Blindfold, banter, teasing, cunninlingus (just). Teenagers having sex.(Ages unspecified)
Disclaimer: The characters, settings and HP Franchise as a whole are owned by JKR and not by me. I make no profit from writing this piece of fanfiction.
Summary: Just Al and Roxy sitting in a classroom...
A/n: For Day 15's Challenges at [community profile] hp_may_madness .[ profile] hp_may_madness . "Kink: Blindfold" and the word. Gryffindor
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Title:What is Earth Day Anyway?
Pairing(s)/Characters/Fandom: Next Genners/HP (James/Dominique, Lysander>Luna unrequited (I didn't mean it! I forget they were related), Lorcan/Roxy, Lucy/Lily, Al/Scorpius/Rose
Challenge: All I hope. (They were: Earth Day, Luna Lovegood, The Black Lake, Camping & Centaurs)
Summary:A camping trip for earth day!
Rating/Warnings:NC-17 if I manage it. Teenagers having sex. I'm not specific about their ages but in the older ranges of teenaged. Incest (lots of cousins and an accidentally implied Oedipus complex), oral, scissoring, bisexuality, anal, Lucky Pierre, spooning.
Word count:1,195
Author's Notes (if any):I shall have another shot or two before writing this it looks far too coherent.

Translator’s note: Cleaned up version of my [community profile] firewhiskeyfic piece. I’ve cleared up the typos but I’ve kept it as close as possible to the original intent. The non-cleaned version is here. NB: Despite the header, very little of the intended crush Lysander had on Luna actually made it to the text.

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