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Sorry, Tam, this came to mind from your other thread but is probably from beyond where you are. Don't read. Comments are ranging over all the books really.

Cut for Storm of Swords spoilers )

In unspoileriffic news, my very slow GoT rewatch has hit episode 3 and my computer restarted the episode where i left off the last time I watched the dvd, A few minutes into Sansa, Arya and Bran's audio commentary. They just reacted with false shock to Jaime swearing. ("What's the saying? 'The King shits and the Hand wipes.'?" No that's not the saying not the one from the book anyway >:( )

eta: now I'm in a dilemma. They changed some dialogue when Old Nan's talking to Bran. Only they change it from a reference to Bran the Builder to Ser Duncan the Tall. Ser Duncan is the star of 'The Hedge Knight': an asoiaf short story set 80 years before the main series that was in the Legends fantasy anthology and is the story that got me to read ASoIaF in the first place. I love references to that story in AsoIaF. But i hate changes from the book. So.. Dilemma. lol.
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Quick post for things on my mind:

  • Livejournal's new homepage: just how ugly is it? PRetty ugly imho but then I didn't use it for much than check if someone had posted on articles.
  • After missing a few I've been taking a look at round 21 of [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme and boy to asoiaf prompts like their rare pairs and minor characters and very specific AUs and things.
  • I saw Man Of Steel, the new superman movie and I'm not sure what to thing about it. The first half of the movie is very confusing and the second half is mainly people being punched through buildings. I think it should be applauded for showing superman punching things and not using the old standbys of Lex Luthor and kryptonite but it wasn't quite satisfying for me. It was trying to do way too much.
  • On the HP front there's [ profile] samhain_smut wondering whether run again, a fest I've not really read before and I'm hesitant to commit to anything. I'd quite like to prompt for it (if I can slot some of my pairings in to a halloween type prompt) but I'm really hesitant of definately saying I'll sign up for it. I've really got to stop signing up to things because I want to keep HP fandom going and then struggling with the prompt I pick. It's the same thing I did with [ profile] fortheloveofhp, picked a prompt I thought I must be able to something for because i like the idea of the fest and now am failing to write for.
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Well I've not written much of anything lately. So I decided to finish this off. I started it months ago. Still not sure if i like the concept at all. The stealing thing is very problematic in a consensual/moral sense. And i sort of gave up and rushed to the finish at the end. Definitely not my best work and with that ringing endorsement here we go...

Title: Stealing His Queen
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jon/Val
Word Count:~1,900
Warnings: Violence, sexy times, violent sexytimes, and severe issues of consent.
A/n: Reviews and concrit very welcome. This was written for [ profile] midnightblack07’s prompt at [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme “Jon/Val + Jon and Val are wed as per Stannis' command, but she refuses to acknowledge that he is her husband until he "steals" her...”

Stealing His Queen )
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Just something I was musing on while writing my last asoiaf fic. Jon Really does seem to live by the words, Familly, Duty, Honour.

Normally he's all about honour. Except he'll forsake, honour for duty, breaking his honourable vows if its actually part of his duty to stop the wildings and serve the watch.

And then of course there's familly which trumps everything. Any time we see Jon not go with honour Or Duty its basically because he wants to go help his family.

So ironally considering how Catelyn feels about him, Jon really does seem to live up to tally ideals....
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Title: Family, Duty, Honour.
Rating: PG-13 or R maybe? Not good using at American ratings.
Pairing: Jon/Sansa
Word Count: ~5,800
Beta:- [ profile] luna_plath
Warnings: Violence, hints of incestuous feelings.
Summary: Jon rides to the Vale to rescue Sansa Stark but is Alayne Stone willing to be rescued?
A/n: Written in response to an[ profile] asoiafkinkmeme prompt by [ profile] juno_chan ;- “Sansa is surprised when Jon comes for her in the Vale. He is surprised that she is surprised.”

Family, Duty, Honour )
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Title: A Conquest Of Salt & Iron
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Robb/Asha
Word Count:~4,800
Warnings: Violence. Sexy Times. Violent Sexy times. Issues of Dubious Consent. Dirty Talk. Porno story logic.
Summary: Warned of Theon’s treachery, Robb has conquered Pyke but he needs to forge an alliance if he hopes to hold it.
A/n: Written for [ profile] proteus_lives’s prompt at [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme with thanks to [ profile] bookstorejunkie for reposting it in Round 6. Reviews/Concrit welcome. The first half was betaed by the incomparably wonderful [ profile] luna_plath

A Conquest of Salt & Iron )
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Title: Something More.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bran/Meera
Word Count: ~6,100
Warnings: Sexy times. Radically different and not well thought out AU.
Beta: Many thanks are owed to [ profile] luna_plath for proof reading this and encouragement which really made a difference.
A/n: Written for [ profile] mihnn’s prompt at [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme
Asking for an uncrippled older Bran getting to be happy with an older Meera Reed. I used the words more than the .gif, I’m afraid and I kind of went crazy with the set up. Reviews/Concrit very welcome.

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[ profile] asoiafkinkmeme is evil and I need to stop spending like my entire day there reading prompts and fills.

Way to many half completed works. I keep getting distracted from my 'romantic' Bran/Meera fic to write kinkier stuff like the Jon/Val/Ygritte fic I posted. Or a Robb conquers the Iron Isles and takes Asha into his bed fic.

And there's a half completed Jon steals Val fic on my  harddrive but that was getting squicky because 'stealing' is sort of like rape. Val's not unwilling but that doesn't mean she doesn't fight it as hard as she can. Jon's got to be worthy of her after all. 

And [ profile] luna_plath ?  I also have ideas for a Jon/Arya fic based on your prompt for it. But the setting was King's Landing and in my head its sort of transformed into a Jon/Arya/Dany triangle. Is that ok?

But a lot of these things I may not finish or post and it means no work at all is being down on my poor HP fics.
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Title: Something More.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jon/Val/Ygritte
Word Count: ~2,500
Warnings: Sexy times. Pegging.(anal sex with strap-on) References to Drugs and alcohol.
A/n: Written for [ profile] dr_stonegarden’s prompt at [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme which was "Jon/Ygritte/Val - pegging, one after the other." I've done it as a modern AU because I don’t want to try and explain strapons existing in canon. Unbeta and written in the early morning. All mistakes are my own.

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Title: Kissed By Fire
Author:[ profile] lightofdaye
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jon/Melisandre
Word count: ~2,200
Warnings: Major Dance with dragons spoilers, sex.
Summary: post-ADwDs. Jon has been betrayed by his men. But the Red God is not finished with Lord Snow and neither is his servant.
AN: I don’t own A Song Of Ice And Fire. I make no money from this at all. The first italicised paragraph is quote directly from A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin. I blame [ profile] luna_plath's oneshots for this. Unbetaed so all mistakes are mine.

Kissed By Fire )

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There was very little dancing and the dragons didn't appear much.

Major Spoilers beneath the cut )

Now to watch the Game Of Thrones episode Baelor, this ain't going to be traumatic at all...
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Warning incoming spoilers for the first few episodes of A Game Of Thrones and the first few chapters of Dance of Dragons

Well I read the entirety of The Dresden Files novel Turn Coat over a couple of days and started on my other new novel; A Dance with Dragons. Part One: Dreams And Dust. And Watch the first few episodes of the TV Version of the first novel Game of Thrones as well.
Initial Thoughts on Dance With Dragons )


Initial Thoughts on A Game With Thrones )


Apr. 24th, 2012 07:48 pm
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Should not have open b-day presents while work still needed to be done. I feel like I might be on a GRRM kick for a while. Given the size of  A Dance With Dragons. Which like Storm of Swords is split into two volumes for paperback publishing. Making it like the hardback so expensive i'm glad i got it as a gift.

Also got the first season of Game Of Thrones on DVD. So I'll finally be able to see if its as good as everyone says. Again struck by the size of the set. It one of those really bulky fold out sets with really nice big pics of the cast on it. But really the 10 55 minute episode boxset? That's larger than DS9 slimline boxset with 26 episodes on it. So dang, lot of packaging.

Last Cool gift was a copy of Turn Coat by Jim Butcher. The eleventh (out of 13 for now) book in the Dresden Files. Which aren't epic fantasy like aSoIaF but more light hearted fun kind of urban fantasy novel about a professional wizard named Harry. (after Houdini) Dresden 

Any way, uni work calls....
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Saw this remodelling of the Game Of Thrones series...

Edit: Gorram it. How the hell does this embedding stuff work?

Have a link:

Dang, now I really wish I had Sky Atlantic to see the series. Hope the DVD release is some time soon. Just have to re-read the books until then I suppose...


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