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I just got back from seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming, I’m still pretty amped up from it. So it definitely did something write. I’m a sourpuss and loathe to admit it but it is all things considered it’s probably to best Spider-Man movie that’s been made yet. On average.

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Apr. 25th, 2015 11:34 pm
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So for my birthday, (thanks for all the messages and love yesterday btw :) ) My family went to see Age Of Ultron today as in my parents and sister and I. Review probably with mild spoilers under the cut.

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Quick post for things on my mind:

  • Livejournal's new homepage: just how ugly is it? PRetty ugly imho but then I didn't use it for much than check if someone had posted on articles.
  • After missing a few I've been taking a look at round 21 of [ profile] asoiafkinkmeme and boy to asoiaf prompts like their rare pairs and minor characters and very specific AUs and things.
  • I saw Man Of Steel, the new superman movie and I'm not sure what to thing about it. The first half of the movie is very confusing and the second half is mainly people being punched through buildings. I think it should be applauded for showing superman punching things and not using the old standbys of Lex Luthor and kryptonite but it wasn't quite satisfying for me. It was trying to do way too much.
  • On the HP front there's [ profile] samhain_smut wondering whether run again, a fest I've not really read before and I'm hesitant to commit to anything. I'd quite like to prompt for it (if I can slot some of my pairings in to a halloween type prompt) but I'm really hesitant of definately saying I'll sign up for it. I've really got to stop signing up to things because I want to keep HP fandom going and then struggling with the prompt I pick. It's the same thing I did with [ profile] fortheloveofhp, picked a prompt I thought I must be able to something for because i like the idea of the fest and now am failing to write for.


May. 15th, 2013 10:15 pm
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*cue the black sabbath* OH and spoilers. Really big spoilers. I mean it.

So I really don't know what to think about this movie. It really does things different from the previous Iron Man films and Avengers and it build itself up a sort of finale to Tony Stark's tale.

So basically the stress of the attack on New York and nearly dying in the Avengers, I guess is the straw that broke the camels back for Stark and his PTSD. The Iron Man suits are his crutch and he's got issues and everything and at the end he blows up all his suits, gets the reactor out of his chest (out of nowhere), and basically calls it quits.

Big problems here:
1) He calls it quits. Along with Dark Knight Rises last year this really bugs me. Since when do good superhero films have to end with the message that to be a superhero, you have to be psychologically scarred and you should give it up to be better. You should stop being heroic people. Urgh.
2) I don't think the PSTD arc really flows from how he was presented in Iron Man 2, or in the Avengers. It just doesn't scan for me.

So he spends a big part of the middle of the film not in a metal suit, not really superheroing it up but investigating the old fashioned way. While superpower bad guys are after him. It's not really bad persee, quite action packed and exciting in places and RDJ is charasmatic as ever.

But it all just feels off to me. Like I say big mixed feeling on this one.


Nov. 28th, 2012 09:32 pm
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So I finally took a day off today and went to see this latest James Bond 007 flick. And... I guess I have mixed feelings. There's not much I can point to and say this was bad. And there was lots of action and some fun dry humour here and there.

But it still seems a little... off tonally. It's not like classic James Bond but its not like Craig's previous two outings either. They've dropped the Quantum arc sadly. And have a new villain who more focused on attacking MI6 directly rather than a take over the world bid.

It seemed a little slow in places but some more classic Bond Elements are creeping back in as well. And there are references in the film to 'old ways being the best' and given the final scene... well no spoilers but there's a real sense that they might want to get rid of this gritty real stuff they did for CR and go back to classic late connery/moore stuff.

So well, I'll be interested in what the new film is like
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S0 I was meaning to write today. Instead my friend got off work earlier than expected and we saw a movie/ had a meal. Intially we'd planned to see The Bourne Supremecy, because my friend fancies Jeremy Renner. But its turns out no, he doesn't want to see a Bourne film because he find them forgettable lets go see the expendables instead. (because he also fancies liam hemsworth)

The expenables. Oh Dear. Just Oh dear.

I'm good with mindless action flicks. If i skip past a random scene of martin lawrence and will smith bullying a kid, I can pretty much watch bad boys II constantly. I love The Rock, Con-Air, Face/Off. 

This was not a good action film for me. i mean I guess I get why most of the one-liners are supposed to be funny. But they just weren't. It was too predicatable. The plot was thin on the ground even for this fair and I don't care about the characters, which is bad because they keep having these quiet supposedly poignent character moments between action scenes but it dosn't work because these guys just don't have the acting chops to do it.

I get the expendables shtick is too stick as many action heroes old and new on screen at once and show how manly it is. But really if you cut down the cast of characters so everyone had a decent amount of screentime. you might make a better movie.

So yeah what I have learnt. My friend still has terrible taste in movies. I prefer 90s action movies to the 'classic' 80s ones and that old action stars should now when to quit.  
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Do you like the works of Joss Whedon? Did you like the Iron Man movies, Thor, Hulk or Captain America? If So then you will love this movie and should go see it.

The plot is simple bad guy tries to take over the world, superheroes team up to stop him. Cue explosions.  And action.  and witty one-liners and off beat comments. (ie whedon stylings)

So Avengers. They've been building up to it for what four years? Since Iron Man in 2008  and boy did it pay it off. Everyone reprises their role from previous films, (with one exception)  and everyone pretty much nails their roles. Mark Ruffalo the new guy playing Bruce Banner/The Hulk is very different from Norton but integrates well into the cast as a whole he is more played for laughs than in his solo feature, though the angst is still there more as an under current.

The thing about this movie is the style and the spectacle is a very pretty movie, very fun, very exciting and has lots and lots of explosions from the get go. But what it is not is the dark knight. It's not a serious character piece, its not gritty and realistic exploration or chaos or anarchy or whatever but it is along the same lines of what I loved about the first Iron Man movie. It's so very very <i>fun</i>.

So yeah, like I said, if you like the characters already and if you like  Joss Whedon's style of writing and direction the movie is highly recommended but I have a horrible feeling the hype and praise its getting is going to result in backlash against it and well when the Dark Knight Rises its going to get blown out of the water.  
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aka Daye watches movies everyone else saw ages ago. Next I'll watch Sixth Sense, no-one tells me how it ends! :-P

Right King's Speech, what can I say that hasn't been said? Colin Firth, Helena Bonham-Carter, Rush terrific performances all. I'm a bit of a sap really but the scene where Firth's becoming King and is absolutely distraught about it really tugged at my heart strings. Coming as it did so soon after the scene where is older brother absolutely crushes him, taking the piss out of his stutter and accusing him of taking elocution lessons so he can steal the throne.

There's a disadvantage in talking with y'all about Fil Harry Potter so much. It never escapes you, I spent all of George V's scenes thinking, 'that's Dumbledore right?' Even more disconcerting is the idea of Churchil, generally considered a great man and a power prescience being played by Timothy Spahl, aka Wormtail. And when he's not being Wormtail, he's that maintenance man on the VR game in the Red Dwarf episode 'Back To Reality'

Back the film, at the risk of being pretentious, I think one of the strengths of the movie is its ability to switch seamlessly between tones. From Humour to angst and drama and even with in those tones, with the source of humour ranging from the silly antics of Logue's therapy, the Mrs Logue's sudden discomfort at being among royalty. And even within a single scene, there is humour derived from the shock value of Colin Firth just cursing and cursing immediately followed by the quick shot of Logue's kids being the next room listening to it.

Finally, I'll just say intentionally or not, this is a damn good propaganda piece for the royal family. I've been told that it apparently glosses over the royal's support of Nazi appeasement and Churchil is shown as a stronger supporter of George V than he was but still its crowning triumph is that at times I caught myself feel sorry for Bertie and even David/Edward VI (when he wasn't being a total prat) and thinking 'Darn, tis tough being a royal'


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